Friday, 15 November 2013

A little teaser...

Here's a little teaser for the 1001 Arabian Nights graphic novel: the character page and first page of the story...

We're busy colouring in right now, and are going to do a bit of work on choosing exactly the right fonts and positioning for the speech bubbles, but I'm sure you can appreciate already Faye's richness of detail and how well the story flows...

Character Page

The red squiggles are the first layer of what will be a magical, musical mist emanating from the Opus Pocus book, within which all these stories are played out: 1001 Nights, Swan Lake, Peer Gynt etc

Nice bit of, er, "metaphysical transposition between story dimensions" with the Grandma character knitting Sinbad's scarf.  I think that's the right technical term.

And we had a few options here for framing the characters but we're gonna go with something simple as you can see, so as not to distract from the characters themselves. 

1st page of the story

Here you can see how the story starts - magically emanating from The Opus Pocus book - and how we've framed the opening scene, using different text bubbles but with some text drawn into the illustration, e.g. the Great Sultan's "BBRMAHHH!!"

Note how in frame 3 the Sultan is drawn very accurately in how he's holding and playing a trombone - strict instructions from me for that!

And a clever little feature if we do say so ourselves - the "foot note" symbol for the footnotes - quite proud of that one...

Please leave a comment if you'd like to - we love hearing feedback from the people who made this all possible... 

And the finished version will be with you soon!

All the best,


  1. love the foot note on the comic...!

  2. Love Grandma Dingley talking to the characters and of course the correctly trombone playing Sultan!